Here's a little bit of a lot about me:

Hayley Goldstein is a 9 year old child at heart; annoying at times, though most importantly, inquisitive, passionate, eager, carefree and unafraid.

Hayley is a 26 year old graduate from San Francisco State University where she majored in Theater Arts. Hayley comes at you with her piano and (rubber) knife stabbing stares with a guarantee to make you feel better about yourself. Although the worlds been a stage since she was a little girl she has taken the stage for stand up comedy, 5 years now. Which has developed into something beyond stand-up comedy. She discovered her true love for putting on a show. 

Miss Goldstein has performed all over San Francisco, at places like the legendary Purple Onion, The Great Star Theater (600 seater SOLD OUT), and the Comedy Store in Los Angeles . She has been in numerous short films and features ranging from horror to bathroom humor films. One of the things you can find streaming throughout all of Hayley’s work is the urgency to surface hidden tendencies, using humor as a medium. 

 She is now currently focusing on her new found love with the piano thanks to The Weitz Method. She recently co-starred in a feature film shot in LA called Escape Room starring Skeet Ulrich which has been internationally released in theaters and Red Box.  In more awesome news, Hayley produced, wrote, directed, and starred in her first One Woman Show, called "One Woman Show with a couple other people."  Also, you can look forward to her first self-written and co-produced album to release in 2018.  

No matter what you find her doing or what character she is playing, you can bet there will be a fight for no compromise with the truth.

You can find out about her upcoming performances, wether it be on a stage, at your local grocery store, or on the big screen on her INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, or, IMDB.


Hayley Sara Goldstein

Born + Raised: Los Angeles, CA

Currently Inhabiting: San Francisco, CA

Hobbies: don't really have any, i take everything very seriously.  





- piano

-being surrounded by really good friends

-a good cry

Dislikes: making this website