I’ll try to keep this simple:

I sing, song write, act, write, direct, produce, do comedy. I am an entertainer, a visionary.

depending on what i need to accomplish or what the moment calls for I do one or all of those. I love creating worlds that I see and feel, inspired by the living or inanimate objects. These worlds are funny to me. Sad to others. Or funny to others and sad to me. Stupid to her. Meaningless to him. Nonsense to them. Maybe life changing to you. Mostly funny to me. Whatever. I do it. I just do it. Knowing that when I share my art there is at least one person it inspires or makes feel less alone or less ashamed for feeling anything a human could feel etc., AMEN. If that person is just me…welp. Welp! Thank god for me! I graduated with a bachelor in Theater Arts at SFSU, surprise! I have lots of experience in film and theater. I've written my own short films, co starred in a couple features including a feature film shot in LA called “Escape Room” starring Skeet Ulrich which has been internationally released in theaters and Red Box., You can (click here for my acting reel). Also, might I brag that I proudly produced directed wrote and starred in my own one woman show called "One Woman Show with a couple other people." Click the link to check it out. “Okay we get it, we get it. So what's next?” oh, so glad you asked! MORE MUSIC (releasing first EP in 2019), MORE SHOWS, etc. “What's now?” 

My first single A.D.A.N (All Day and night) is out. Take a listen or purchase! SPOTIFY ITUNES APPLE MUSIC.

You can keep up with me for now on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, or, IMDB and by especially adding yourself to my email list.

I’ll leave you with a quote from my upcoming EP.. “Nobody cares what you do, nobody cares what you say, nobody cares, except you”



Hayley Sara Goldstein

Born + Raised: Los Angeles, CA

Currently Inhabiting: San Francisco, CA

Hobbies: don't really have any, i take everything very seriously.  





- piano

-being surrounded by really good friends

-a good cry

Dislikes: making this website