Filiming on Choppy Waters

I just wrapped on a short film that took place on a boat in the bay.                                                                                                        I also just wrapped on a feature film in LA (that rhymed but ill get to that later.)

The short on the boat: It was a challenge and a breath of fresh air, no pun intended, to work with a director who cares about the background and the SOUL of the  characters (ie. how many siblings do they have? are they the oldest or the youngest? what is their internal struggle?) 

I have been out of college for 3 years now. It makes it harder to find ways to progress when I am not being surrounded by teachers and students who are constantly exercising their craft. So this is exactly what I needed for my art. To be around people who not only CARE but also exercise substance and texture and text and tone and color. However, I naturally attract/gravitate people like that because of a point I bring up if you read on...READ ON!

When we study a certain field in school we are so used to being forced to practice it, PRACTICE IT!! But when you graduate it is up to you what you exercise. It is up to you to find ways to progress. Sometimes it is as a simple as THINKING about what you need. Simple as sorting out in your head or, better yet, on paper, WHAT YOU NEED, at this point in time, TO PROGRESS, TO GET BETTER, TO BE BETTER. WHAT DO YOU NEED?  Do you need to splatter paint on a piece of paper for the simple act of reminding yourself what it feels like to create something? Do you need to perform more? Perform live more? Read more?  Do you need to meet new people? Do you need to work with more people so you can practice communicating? WHAT DO YOU NEED FOR YOURSELF TO BE BETTER AT YOUR ART? Don't be afraid to explore that. If you know, in your mind and in your heart ,what you are meant to do, then nothing will seem silly to you. Or it might but it will still carry a weight.  Everything thing serves a purpose. 

For me, what I needed...I needed to go back to school. Not literally but back to the lengths I took when I played a role in school. Studying the character. DIVING IN! I needed to REHEARSE with OTHER PEOPLE. not just read the lines out loud and try to relate to the character by myself, which is okay ,but I was missing (in all sense of the word "missing") the depth.

To simplify, I NEW I NEEDED TO BE CHALLENGED. I needed a character that was going to CHALLENGE ME. A director that was going to CHALLENGE ME. Actors that would CHALLENGE ME. Circumstance that would CHALLENGE ME.  I had been feeling this way the past year. And slowly but surely, I got just that. A character, a director, actors, and a story that CHALLENGED ME.

And you know what I say, nothing...oh jkda haha just kidding I say a BUNCHA sh*t cuz im high off life. But anyway no know what I say after I say  a BUNCHA sh*t? I say I am grateful,  I smile, I continue to reach, believe in myself and acknowledge that everything in my world exists, because I do.  Because something beyond me, some higher power that is fed off the choices and energy I give, comes right back around in love, in art, in people, in opportunities, in breath. So thank you to my angels.