is the title straight forward enough? This spring I wrapped on an awesome feature film working with the awesome Skeet Ulrich and Sean Young and not to mention all the other stars in it who are a talented bunch...lemme tell you. I don't like to tell people that I am the comedic relief in this film. I like to just say the relief. You can decide how my character relieves you. whatteva ya want. Anyway check out this article in the hollywood reporter!!! 


Gonna be a great stepping stone, to whom ever is reading.....keep truckin. The only way you are going to grow and fulfill your potentail is by loving and supporting meeee lol jk jk.  The only way is by DOING. screw everything that comes after. Its about doing doing doing and now now now. your dreams will always be floating in your head, so naturally when you do do, the choices you make will be toward the dream.