When you are in the sauna and you plan on being in there for 10 minutes but a chubby big brown eyed high energetic soaking wet from the pool short black man sits next to you and starts a conversation with you and asks (uncreepily and not threatening and SO FRIENDLY AND WONDERFUL) what ethnicity you are and that he has seen you before at the gym and your freckles are placed just right and captivating. giggling in between and wiping the liquids off his face and starts talking about how he has a love for building ( you jump in and say like building things, physical buildings) he says yah building actual buildings... anyway he just gets into it and says he had a natural ability for it when he was 3 and then starts to talk about 3 parts to the human experience meanwhile its been TWENTY MINUTES in the sauna and YOU NEED TO GET OUT but you are having an existential conversation that is changing your life and you keep responding which encourages him to keep going and your like FUCK FUCK FUCK and he says i know i know you wanna go, but one more thing..... so you stay in there for 30 minutes.

(this is me)